Sunday, August 14, 2016

Revealed, the five reasons you can't lose weight, from drinking coffee to breathing all wrong

With his broad, muscular shoulders and rippling abdomen, Hugh Jackman knows a thing or two when it comes to keeping in shape.
So when he calls someone 'a one stop shop for health and wellbeing', most aspiring dieters might want to stop and take note.
The Wolverine star enlisted the help of health expert and nutritionist Dr Libby Weaver and it seems he has never looked back. 
So what do they know that we don't when it comes to the quest for the perfect body?
Speaking to Healthista, Dr Weaver reveals the underlying factors that can thwart dieters' best-laid plans.
At the time Dr Weaver studied dietetics at the University of Sydney in the late 90s, the prevailing wisdom was that weight gain was simply caused by eating too much.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

How Eating More Can Actually Help You Lose Weight

Having trouble meeting your weight-loss goals? You might need to add these foods to your diet.

Conventional wisdom says that if you’re trying to lose weight, it makes sense to eat less in order to cut calories, leading to a calorie deficit that helps the pounds drop off. (Of course, exercise is part of the equation, too.) But there’s a flip side to this argument: Sometimes eating more is the key to reaching your goals. You might be thinking, Yeah, eating more can help bring about weight loss, money grows on trees, and making out with a frog is the best way to find true love. But it’s true, and you don’t have to take my word for it. Let registered dietitians show you the way.

Adding more quality food into your diet can be a more natural, enjoyable, and effective way to lose weight than simply trying to reduce your calorie intake overall. 
Abby Langer, R.D. and owner of Abby Langer Nutrition in Toronto, explains that many people fall into a trap of completely overhauling their diet by cutting out everything they like and going all-in on healthier foods. Unfortunately, that method is basically setting people up to fail.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

6 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism as You Get Older

Losing weight doesn't have to get harder with age.

Feel like you can't seem to lose weight as quickly as you used to? Notice that at each birthday, you have a few more lumps and bumps than you had the year before? You've likely heard that your metabolic rate—or how many calories you burn on a daily basis—declines as you age. But the good news is that there's plenty you can do to give your slowing metabolism a big boost, says Matt Tanneberg, a sports chiropractor and certified strength and conditioning specialist (C.S.C.S.) in Phoenix. 

"It's never too late to start making changes that can have a huge, positive impact on your metabolism," says Tanneberg. "Some of my 70-year-old patients have faster metabolisms than my 30-year-old patients—proof that if you take care of your body, it will respond." To start taking the right steps to give your metabolism a boost and keep it humming as you get older, follow this advice.

Pasta Doesn't Make You Gain Weight, Says Best Study Ever


Carb lovers, rejoice! Now there’s evidence that you can have your rigatoni and eat it too—without an ounce of worry about weight gain.

A new study out of Italy (obvi) suggests that people who eat pasta actually have a smaller body mass index (BMI) than those who don’t nosh on noodles.

Researchers at The Institute for Research, Hospitalization, and Health Care Neuromed in Pozzilli, Italy, took a hard look at the eating habits of over 23,000 Italians. The data showed that enjoying pasta—a staple of the Mediterranean diet—was associated with a lower waist circumference and a reduced likelihood of obesity.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Is superfood really a superfad? The popular 'healthy' products such as cacao and coconut water that aren't worth the hype - and what you SHOULD be eating

We are constantly bombarded with information about the latest superfoods and how they can benefit our lives.
From buckwheat to black pudding, nutritionists have found no end of ingredients to offer body-boosting properties.
However, despite our love affair with kale and chia seeds, many of us are still confused about the benefits behind our so-called healthier choices.

In short, as there's no real definition of what counts as a 'superfood', so it's hardly surprising that we are left feeling super-confused.